Meadow Lane Elementary School

A firm with experience in school construction sought Loman Garrett’s expertise in HVAC systems for schools to find efficiencies for the construction of Meadolane Elementary in Wayne County, North Carolina. They selected Bard Classroom Preferred Solution installed in individual classrooms. After a successful completion of the construction, the firm calculated the project cost nearly a million dollars less than the previous school construction project by eliminating ductwork, water piping, mechanical rooms, chillers, boilers and controls. After one year of operation, the electrical costs of Meadowlane Elementary were nearly $40,000 less than that of the other school.


Camden Intermediate

Loman Garrett consulted with Camden Intermediate, located in Camden County, North Carolina, to select Bard’s interior Q-Tec series, which are extremely quiet units that allow each classroom to be managed independently. Teachers love the flexibility and control over their environment and the school district experienced significant cost savings from their new Bard units.

Darlington Institute of Technology

During the construction of Darlington Institute of Technology, Loman Garrett was brought in to recommend a system that was economical, adaptable, easy to maintain, and efficient. Darlington Institute of Technology selected Bard’s SH Series, a wall-mounted climate management system that allows classrooms to be controlled independently and the system to be operational only when needed. Students and teachers can set their own comfort settings per classroom, providing a more conducive environment for learning.

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